Witzend ReplaceInFiles Add-in for Visual Studio 5.0

Witzend ReplaceInFiles Add-in for Visual Studio 5.0



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Date Added:20 April, 2013



The Witzend ReplaceInFiles (TM) Add-in supercharges Visual Studio's Replace in Files feature, giving you fast one-step search and replace for all project source files, whether you work in C++, C#, or Visual Basic. The ReplaceInFiles Add-in attaches so transparently to the Visual Studio environment that the only outward change is a new Replace in Files command in the environment's Tools menu. The ReplaceInFiles Add-in offers a wealth of features that give you plenty of control over the search process: * Date and size filters. Restrict a search to files within a specified range of size or date. For example, search and replace only in those files between 10K and 50K in size and dated within the last month. * Case sensitivity and whole-word searching. Specify case sensitivity (find Abc but not abc) and whole-word filters (find any but not anywhere). * Confirm replacements. The ReplaceInFiles Add-in lets you confirm replacements before they're made. Each located string is shown highlighted in context, allowing you to click a Yes or No button to confirm or disallow the replacement. * Search multiple projects in a single step. Find yourself working with large solutions that contain many projects or subprojects? ReplaceInFiles intelligently recognizes multi-project solutions and quickly scans through all files in each project. * Search any folder. The optional Browse view lets you search-and-replace anywhere, even in files that aren't contained in a project. Navigate to where you want the search to begin and ReplaceInFiles does the rest. * Automatic file backup. The ReplaceInFiles Add-in can automatically backup each file before revising it. * Online help. The interface is very intuitive for the Visual Studio user, but if you have a question, an extensive online User's Guide is always available. Or you can activate the "question mark" button on the ReplaceInFiles dialog and click any feature for a detailed description.
Requirements: Visual Studio 2002 or higher

Systems: WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows2003

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